How to measure your nails:

Option 1: The tape method. See picture for instructions.

Option 2: Buy a sizing kit $4

If you want more accurate nail sizes, order a sizing kit

Send me a DM on IG @Marixo.nails to buy a $4 sizing kit!

How to send me your measurements

Please send measurements for both hands in mm if you use the tape method. If you buy a sizing kit, send them from 0-9.

Nail Shapes:

These are the nail shapes I offer and the lengths! If you want something in between, send me a dm letting me know between which (ex: Between regular and long).

If you have any questions, send me a message!!! 🥰

IG: @Marixo.nails

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To buy a custom press on nail set send me a DM on instagram!

Email me at

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